Jim French Photographer of the Male Nude and creator of the mythic Colt SJim French Men. French created Colt Studio Stars John Pruitt, Bruno, Pete Kuzak, Steve Kelso, Jake Tanner, Rick Wolfmier, TonyGanz, Gordon Grant, Ray Dragon, Eric King, Justin Brooks, Mike Studwell, Erron (Skrivanek), Karim, Myles West, Buck Hayes. Erotic Art, male physique

Jim French has been capturing powerful images
of extraordinary men for over thirty five years.
Photography of the male physique has a history
dating back before 1900, but the modern era which has led to such noted and
successful artists as Bruce Weber, Herb Ritts and others really began with Jim French’s
work in the 1960's. From his first published book, “Man”, in 1972 to his most
recent, “masc.”, in 1999, he has pursued to the visual exaltation of the male
nude. Drawing on his background of schooling in fine art and a successful career
in commercial art, he brings to his photography an intuitive understanding of
composition and design, and a vital appreciation for the sculptural qualities
of surface and light. In a field fraught with prejudices and misconceptions, bias
and censorship, he has shown again and again that the male nude is a subject
worthy of fine art when treated with discernment and intelligence. From his earliest
images in subtle and shadowed black-and-white to his most recent creations in
vibrant and luminous color, his is a body of work unequaled in contemporary art.
Whether his subject is restrained and intimate, naturally insouciant, or unabashedly
heroic he brings a unique artistry to every image.