The contributions of Jim French to the particular world
of nude male photography cannot be denied or over-
emphasized. His aesthetic, expertise, talent, and creativity
comprise a large body of singularly important works which have
influenced and inspired generations for almost forty years.

It is the men who draw the eye to these potent images, initially. Like
heroes they possess physiques that mortal males can only hope to
inhabit. But through the French lens, these champions gesticulate
gracefully or stand unabashedly within the carefully selected margins
which keep attracting the eye and engaging the imagination, long
after envy has diminished.

The original inventive use of props, environments, and artistic con-
cepts like negative spaces and camera angles, will forever keep these
pictures fresh and compelling. As an example: the famous photograph
of John Pruitt, luminescent and flawless skin aglow, rising mysteriously
from a darkened pool as if some sort of black magic were, in apart,
responsible for this majestic vision. Or the remarkably candid picture
of Carl Hardwick straight forward, full of conviction and power with
his chiseled abdominals repeating the rhythm of the masive gears that
surround him. In contrast to this essay is the study of Franco Corelli,
whose poetically cantilevered body creates a quitely virile foil to the
classically sculpted putti he claims for support. So many images, all of
which encompass masterpieces at once erotic, erudite and perceptive.

This is the legacy of Jim French.